“Honestly, he is one of the best DJ’s I have ever heard. His skill is as good as the pros. Dillon will amaze you with his ability to get a party going, and I am sure he will not disappoint.”

-Riley H, Student

"The last dance we had was just a guy with turntables playing top 100 music with a crappy sound system. Dillon’s show was like a concert. He had a great mix of music and everyone was dancing right away. The sound and light show felt like a music festival. You can just tell that he loves what he does. Can’t wait for the next school dance!"

-Mackenzie P, Grade 12 Student

"I have heard a lot of DJ's perform,. and have always thought that you have to be an adult to start a successful career, like DJ'ing. When I first heard Dillon play, I thought it was a professional DJ playing. Dillon's music choice as well as his transitions between songs has always been a crowd favourite. He is very good at mixing in the crowd's requests and has people singing and dancing continuously throughout the show.

-Sohail S, Student

It was two years ago when DJ Dillon approached Student Council and Administration to pitch his plan to be our school’s first DJ while a student on our campus. We were amazed at his candour, charisma and obvious love of his musical craft. We hired him on the spot. We were not wrong. In the past two years, DJ Dillon has wowed his various audiences with his uncanny ability to select music appropriate to a given event and wide-ranging audience. Through seven Mid-School and three High School dances as well as a grad party, his musicality, punctuality, focused attention to minute detail and perseverance in the midst of emergent decision-making has clearly dubbed him as our Go-To DJ. Several of our 2016 Grads described DJ Dillon as a professional who is passionate about his music and persistent in striving toward excellence in his endeavour. If you want your event to be a success, call DJ Dillon. He is one who gives his best always. He is the one who makes a difference.

-Dr. Janneke Frank, Westmount Charter School Principal, Mid-High Campus

"This guy is seriously more professional than the professionals that we had been hiring."

-Nick M, WCS Student Council